traditional healer prof marick


Traditional healer

I am the fourth generation medium who works with spirits to help and assist others . am alight work , am passionately embrace my gifts of medium-ship to guide others on their life’s quest, am also a qualified Reiki practitioner. 

  During the reading i turn into your energy field (aura) , souls vibration and your spirits guide, angels and departed loved ones as well as may guides to provide information about your past, present and future life issues, the m

traditional healer prof marick

assages from spirits that channeled through me are always for your higher good. These massages are what you need to here but not always you expect to here what you may need to hear. 

     I am gifted , honest and compassionate adviser . I work with spirits to help you move forward in life , identify blocks or find clarity to make challenging decision or changes. i would love to connect with you either in personal or via phone call to assist you in making the most out of your life. 

 To book a psychic face-to-face reading ,phone call, whataap or Skype reading, email reading, spiritual energy cleansing or space clearing please contact prof marick

                            *******SENDING YOU LOVE AND LIGHT*******